Free zone operations

The company manages a series of warehouses inside the Free Zone of Trieste, situated inside the Port of Trieste and in the Interporto of Trieste Fernetti SpA.

The storage of goods in the Free Zone provides substantial savings to the clients who are going to import goods in the EU, thus creating a strong competitive advantage: companies have to pay customs duties only for goods leaving the warehouses while storage is unlimited in time tax-free for goods in transit or waiting to be sold.

De Palo has acquired special experience in the management, storage, conservation and transformation of Free Zone goods. The Free Zone regulation allows for the transformation of stored goods (such as packaging, processing, labelling…) without performing import operations into Europe.

  • Located on the intersection between intercontinental maritime routes, and European corridors such as the Adriatic-Baltic and Mediterranean, the Port of Trieste is an international hub for land-sea interchange transport flows that mainly deals with Central and East European markets. It is the first Italian port in terms of traffic volumes, and in 2016 it has become the main national railway port owing to a strong boost to the development of inter-modality.

    The Port of Trieste plays a strategic role in traffic thanks to the presence of the Free Zone and to its geographic position; it can save up to 5 navigation days on routes between Europe and Eastern Asia compared to other Northern European terminals.

    2.3 million square metres of port areas
    12 km of docks
    Water depth up to 18 metres
    58 operational moorings
    70 km internal railway tracks
    1.8 million square metres duty free zone
    • 25thousand square metres storage area

  • De Palo is present with offices and warehouses at the Interporto of Trieste Fernetti since its foundation. It is a port-linked and intermodal facility for road/rail – road/road- rail/rail interchange, located on the former border with Slovenia, along Corridor 5 axis and has its own customs clearance department. The Interporto of Trieste Fernetti has its Free Zone regime.

    Railway junction with 6 tracks connected through Villa Opicina Station towards Slovenia
    33thousand sqm covered warehouses of which 3thousand sqm are under sheds
    500thousand square metres overall surface